PayPal Betting Sites in Kenya

Paypal can be used both for online purchases and for playing in various casinos and betting shops that offer this payment method.

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Accepting PayPal




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Alternatives to PayPal?

  • M-PESA – is Kenya’s most successful mobile money service and the largest fintech platform in the region. 
  • Airtel – is one of the newest and most promising payment solutions, widely used by players from Kenya.

Costs and fees

As for commissions, generally, private customers who are not in business do not have to pay any commissions. However, if you discover a transmission to sell services, you may be charged some type of commission.


PayPal payment is now possible on almost all sites on the internet. Its use spread because of the guarantees it offered to its buyers. With this online gateway you can forget about fraud, its policies guarantee the safety of your money.

Account Types

If you need a basic user account and don’t intend to make money online in any way, a default Paypal account is fine for you. However, this online banking service offers all of its customers the option to upgrade to a business account.

Security and Privacy

Like any online wallet or bank, this payment method has over time included various ways to protect both your data and your money. On one hand, there’s the password itself, which, if strong, makes fraudulent access virtually invulnerable.

How to use Paypal in online bookmakers

The way Paypal works in online casinos and online bookmakers is very similar to payment in any other online business.


If this is your first time using Paypal or you don’t know how to add it to your gambling account, below we will explain all the steps you need to follow to make payments using this method:

  1. Enter your account name and password
  2. Go to the payment methods within the session
  3. Select Paypal among the payment methods.
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  5. Log in using your PayPal credentials

* It is important to note that the Paypal account from which you are funding must be registered in your name and match the registration name of your game account.

Advantages and disadvantages of PayPal

Electronic payment methods have their pros and cons, no matter which one you choose. Although Paypal is one of the most popular and popular methods among users, it is not without some aspects that those who use this e-wallet may consider negative. Of course, it also has many advantages over other similar payment methods.

Below we mention the most notable points of both sides of the coin, so that you can know the possible situations you will find yourself in if you choose Paypal as a payment method at your favorite casino or bookmaker:


  • It provides maximum security
  • Transfers are instantaneous
  • Easy registration
  • Includes a currency exchange system



  • Possible fees
  • Possible temporary blocking


The best bookmakers accepting PayPal

We has compiled a list of the best bookmakers for payment via PayPal.

BetWin, Bet365, Mozzart Bet, 1xBet, 1win, Betica, or WinWin are just some of the most recommended bookmakers that will allow you to use this payment method.

PayPal bookmakers comparison

If we need to evaluate which of the above mentioned options is better to pay via PayPal, we choose the following order: Bet365, BetWin, Mozzart Bet, 1xBet, 1win, Betica and finally WinWin.

In fact, being one of the largest bookmakers in existence, they offer many more benefits and ways to bet. Compared to smaller ones that only provide some other payment and withdrawal methods.

The reason is simple: when you enter payment gateways in order to sell something, companies have to pay a commission. Thus, small betting operators usually prefer to bet a few or bet this and do without another important payment method.

For this reason, the best operators are always the well-known betting shops that are widespread all over the world.

The best bookmaker to use PayPal.

1Win is without a doubt the best bookmaker to pay with via PayPal. Why? This bookmaker was the first to support this payment method on its gateway. By doing so, it gave all its customers the satisfaction of not having to share bank details and also protected them from fraud and other incidents.


The reason for the prominence of this payment method lies in values such as security and speed of transactions. In addition, most payments and withdrawals you make will not incur additional fees if you do not have to exchange currency to complete these transactions. The security factor applies to any online management, and we should increasingly take this into consideration given the dangers of theft that exist online today.